Port Au Prince, Haiti

Port Au Prince, Haiti

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Not Forgotten

Before I tell you about today, I wanted to tell you about something that happened last night after I posted.  Remember we are staying at New Life Children's Home so in addition to our guest rooms there are dorms with about 100 orphan children.  We have been spending time with them in the evening after we get back from Bigarade and have supper.

Last night I went to the girls dorm to play cards with some of the girls.  One precious girl named Marilyn was singing softly as she played.  She has a beautiful voice, and she sang, "I am not forgotten, No I am not forgotten, God knows my name."  When the words from her song hit my ears, I had to swallow hard to keep from crying.

In many ways these children have been forgotten.  Most of them were rescued from the mountain villages where conditions are so bad that many children die.  Now they will grow up in an orphanage without a Daddy's lap or a Momma's hug.  Even still they know that God knows them and He loves them.  They are known by God, and that is enough.

It really made me ask myself, is that enough for me?  If everything I hold dear was lost in this world, would my heart still sing for joy because I am known by God.

(These pictures are from New Life Children's Home.  The work the home is doing is amazing.  God is using them to bring hope to many children.)

Today was a busy day.  We went back to Bigarade this morning to play with the kids.  There were dozens waiting on us when we arrived.

Game time went very smooth.  The girls here love to jump rope so we brought several with us today.  After they jumped a while, we taught them "Jump the Brook" and Limbo.  They liked those games too.

We ate pate for lunch again.

It's really good, but it's really hard to eat when you know there are hungry children all around.

After lunch we went visiting Haitian families again.  Bob wants us to work on building relationships with the families in Bigarade.  They are all so eager to please us and so glad we are in the village that if we just go door to door and tell them about Jesus, they might make insincere professions of faith just because that is how they think we want them to respond.  Instead we are demonstrating Jesus' love by showing them we sincerely care.

Today we went to one house of a married couple.  They pulled out all of the chairs they had onto their porch for Nanna, our friend from Illinois, our interpreter and me.  They stood.  After we visited for a while, the husband asked us if we like coconut.  We replied "yes" so he went inside his home and brought out a machete.  He walked over to his coconut tree and cut down four coconut, then he cut the tops off and handed one to each of us.  After serving us, there were only three coconuts left on his tree.  These people have little food.  This family could have eaten these or they could have sold them to make a little money.  But instead, we were served.

His unselfish display of love for us moved us very deeply.  Before we left we asked the couple if there was anything we could pray for them about.  He asked us to pray that his wife would have a baby so we laid hands on her and prayed God would give her a child.  I pray God will show His kindness to that couple, just as they showed kindness to us.

It's been cool this evening because it's raining lightly.  That has been a nice break from the heat.  You would be so proud of Paw, Nanna, Mrs. Billie and Mrs. Linda.  They tease about being old, but they have shown great strength and endurance this week.  I keep thinking that Gammy would be so proud of Paw if she could see him now.  And Brianna's momma is great with the kids.  She always has several hanging on her and she never seems to mind.

Tomorrow we will go to Bigarade in the morning, and then we are supposed to go with Thomas tomorrow afternoon to shop for the school.  We will be helping him to spend the money that Learning Hands and Hillcrest donated.  That will be a blessing for sure!

I heard you are planning to attend a book signing tomorrow with Uncle Danny.  I know that you have a passion for helping these people, and now that I am here in the flesh, I can tell you that your efforts are not in vain.  Speak with boldness tomorrow as God uses you because Haiti is not forgotten, No Haiti is not forgotten.  God knows her name.

Serving God alongside you!

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