Port Au Prince, Haiti

Port Au Prince, Haiti

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Today was our first day to hold a playtime for the children.  Bob and his group taught the older kids to play kickball, and we were in charge of playing games with the younger children.  We bounced around a beach ball for a while and we blew bubbles.  The kids were glad we were there, but they didn't get really excited until our interpreter started playing some Haitian games with them.

We tried very hard to learn their songs and games so that tomorrow we can help lead them in those.  We had about 40 kids in our group, and there were over 50 playing kickball so I think around 100 children played with us this morning.

They love our hair.  And they love to hold our hands.  I got my hair fixed by little girls several times today.  They reminded me of you.

I also met two little girls who taught me a card game.  It's a very fun game, and I will teach it to you when I get home.

I taught them "Bo Bo Skinny Wat In Tot In" and they loved it.

For lunch we ate pate.  It's a Haitian fried hot pocket with chicken and vegetables inside.  It was very good.  It was hard though because kids in Haiti don't eat lunch.  They usually only have enough food for one meal a day.  We sent the children home before we ate, but a few of them were still hanging around the church when our lunch was served.  A lot of us took half our lunch to share with children.

After lunch Nanna, Paw and I went with our translator Valme and Bob because Bob wanted to introduce us to some of his Haitian friends in the village.  We were invited to sit and visit on the porches of two families, and we got to ask them all kinds of questions.

I learned that they like to dance a lot, even the grown ups.  Their favorite meal is rice and beans.  And the celebrate their Independence Day (our July 4th) on January 1st.  That day they make a hot soup made from bananas to share with their family.

I have gotten to be friends with Valme, our Haitian translator.  He is a Christian, and he hopes to go to Bible College someday.  He had a lot of questions for me about Americans and about the Bible.  He leads a church in his yard.  He is very smart, and he is hungry to learn more about God's Word.  He told me his favorite Bible story was Naaman.  He said that when Elijah told him to wash in the Jordan River seven times that he didn't have faith, but then Naaman decided he had nothing else so he should have faith and he was healed.   He said his country would be healed if they found faith like Naaman too. I hope to disciple him as much as I can this week.

Today one of the school teachers told one of our translators that she wanted to talk to me.  She knew about you and she asked me to send you her greetings :)  She also asked you to continue your work for the school.  She was very grateful and I felt very honored.

Today in Haiti I felt hot, and I felt dirty, but most of all I felt blessed to be here.

Love you and miss you,

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